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Re: [GNU-linux-libre] Non-free packages in debian lenny

From: Rubén Rodríguez Pérez
Subject: Re: [GNU-linux-libre] Non-free packages in debian lenny
Date: Wed, 09 Sep 2009 01:32:33 +0200

El mar, 08-09-2009 a las 18:03 -0500, Karl Berry escribió:
> texlive-base            # 477060
>     texlive-latex-base      # 483217
> I am the chief maintainer of TeX Live.  I am not aware of any nonfree
> software included (that won't be fixed in the next release).  My policy
> is for TeX Live to follow the GNU (not Debian) free software guidelines.
> is about
> amslatex.  It uses the same license used by Don Knuth in many of his TeX
> files, which was long since declared free according to rms, whatever
> conclusions Debian reaches.  (There is no doubt the wording is not good
> by today's standards.)  And AMS said they would be fixing the license in
> the next release.
> 483217 is about a very few specific LaTeX files.  I will review/remove
> as appropriate.  The bug report is some 16 months old, so I expect at
> least some of them have already been handled.
> In short, I see no reason to blacklist texlive.

I'm glad to hear that. I got to know about this bugs via the Venenux
list yesterday and I didn't had the time to review them, but of course a
full review is needed for every package before being blacklisted.

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