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[NonGNU ELPA] Org-Journal version 2.2.0

From: ELPA update
Subject: [NonGNU ELPA] Org-Journal version 2.2.0
Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2023 17:03:48 -0500

Version 2.2.0 of package Org-Journal has just been released in NonGNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Org-Journal describes itself as:

  a simple org-mode based journaling mode

More at

## Summary:







  1 org-journal

    Adapted from <>

## Recent NEWS:

2.2.0 / 2023-03-09

- fix to check journal files in symlink directory correctly (tomoyukim)
- Add note for issue #406 in (Marcel van der Boom)
- fix: do not error out on timestamps with extra components (#407) (Janek)
- fix failing test case #404 (Jason May)
- don't break journaling if CREATED exists at file level #383 (Jason May)
- fill docstrings to prevent byte-compile warnings (Jason May)
- Add NonGNU ELPA to installation instructions (Stefan Kangas)
- Add NonGNU ELPA badge to (Stefan Kangas)
- Add copyright and license header (Stefan Kangas)
- Encryption enabling added to org-journal-mode-hook (quantum)
- added documentation for `org-journal-mode-hook` (quantum)
- visual-line-mode not present in org-journal-mode-hook (quantum)
- Replace kill-region with delete-region (Janek)
- removed repeated text from readme (Harsha Somisetty)
- Fix multi-line file header being mixed up with the journal entry. (Alexander 
- Minor typos in docstrings (Christopher League)
- document org-journal-hide-entries-p (Damien)
- Remove deplicate of C-c C-j definition. (Dmitrii Kuragin)
- Update documentation to reflect removed 'C-c C-j' global key (Dmitrii Kuragin)
- Remove key definition in the package loading. (Dmitrii Kuragin)
- Fix failing test (Christian Schwarzgruber)
- Set FIXEDCASE flag on replace-regexp-in-string (Christian Schwarzgruber)
- Add scheduled entry time of the day (Daniel Nicolai)
- Replace get-file-buffer with find-buffer-visiting (wolfwang)
- Fix incorrect entry-path when extend-today (yangsheng6810)
- Just a little code rework (Christian Schwarzgruber)
- Swallow message in test (Christian Schwarzgruber)
- Also test against Emacs 27.1 (Christian Schwarzgruber)
- Fix and clean-up org-journal-scheduled-weekly-test (Christian Schwarzgruber)
- Fix Agenda integration when not using daily files (Christian Schwarzgruber)

2.1.2 / 2021-01-28

  - Ignore org-journal-autoloads.el (Christian Schwarzgruber)
  - Update CONTRIBUTORS file (Christian Schwarzgruber)
  - Update CHANGELOG file with missing 2.1.1 changes (Christian Schwarzgruber)
  - Adapt CHANGELOG file for new format (Christian Schwarzgruber)
  - Add new internal function org-journal--sanity-checks (Christian 
  - Rename org-journal--dir-check-or-create to org-journal--create-journal-dir 
(Christian Schwarzgruber)
  - Re-factor org-journal-new-entry (Christian Schwarzgruber)
  - Rename org-journal--org-heading-p to 
org-journal--is-date-prefix-org-heading-p (Christian Schwarzgruber)
  - Mark org-journal-delete-old-carryover public by replacing -- with - 
(Christian Schwarzgruber)
  - More work on doc-strings (Christian Schwarzgruber)
  - Resolve #323 (aragaer)
  - Add test for #323 and fix small bug in org-journal-new-date-entry 
(Christian Schwarzgruber)
  - Formatting (Christian Schwarzgruber)
  - Fix doc-string warnings (Christian Schwarzgruber)
  - Add fixme to test case (Christian Schwarzgruber)
  - Move yearly test to subdirectory too (Christian Schwarzgruber)
  - Kill any left over buffers after the ert test failed on next execution 
(Christian Schwarzgruber)
  - Argument scheduled-time is a list not a string and cannot be passed to 
org-time-string-to-time (Christian Schwarzgruber)
  - [tests] Move daily carryover tests to subdirectory (Christian Schwarzgruber)
  - Prepare for next patch release (Christian Schwarzgruber)
  - Merge branch 'pr-322' (Christian Schwarzgruber)
  - Add test to proof that 7 is correct for Sunday week start (Christian 
  - Try to reproduce #309 (Christian Schwarzgruber)
  - Define edebug spec for debugging (Christian Schwarzgruber)
  - Fix "start on sunday" issue (aragaer)
  - Merge pull request #320 from daveduthie/master (Christian Schwarzgruber)
  - Add missing third arg to `define-obsolete-function-alias` (David Duthie)
  - Merge pull request #314 from emiltoacs/master (Bastian Bechtold)
  - Solve error when org-journal-dir has symlink in the path (emiltoacs)

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