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[NonGNU ELPA] Pdf-Tools version 1.0.0

From: ELPA update
Subject: [NonGNU ELPA] Pdf-Tools version 1.0.0
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2022 05:06:57 -0500

Version 1.0.0 of package Pdf-Tools has just been released in NonGNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Pdf-Tools describes itself as:

  Support library for PDF documents

More at

## Summary:

                              PDF TOOLS README

  Table of Contents

## Recent NEWS:

-*- org -*-

* Version 1.0.0 (Under Development)
>From this version onward, we will follow Semantic Versioning for new 
>~pdf-tools~ releases.

** Breaking changes:
*** Raise the minimum supported version of Emacs to 26.3 #26
Drop support for Emacs 24 and 25. This allows for some code cleanup. *This is a 
major breaking change*.
*** Change the default value of pdf-view-use-scaling #133
~pdf-view-use-scaling~ is now true by default, leading to rendering of crisp 
images on high-resolution screens. This should not cause problems on 
low-resolution screen (other than taking up more cache space / increasing 
rendering time), but if it does, please ~(setq pdf-view-use-scaling nil)~ in 
your configuration.

** Improve overall user experience
- Set ~pdf-annot-list-highlight-type~ to true by default.
  + Show annotation color when listing them by default, allow the user to turn 
them off if need be.

** Make changes required by newer versions of Emacs
- Emacs 29 introduces ~pixel-scroll-precision-mode~, which interferes with 
~pdf-view~ scrolling. This is fixed in #124

** Functionality fixes and improvements
- Fix ~revert-buffer~ to correctly work over Tramp #128
- Fix sorting by date in ~pdf-annot-list-mode~ #75

* Version 0.91
** Change the keybindings for traversing history
This is a minor but *breaking change*. ~l~ (backward) and ~r~ (forward) are the 
conventional bindings for history navigation in Emacs, but ~pdf-tools~ uses ~B~ 
and ~N~. The previous keybindings are kept as-is for people who were used to 
it, while introducing ~l~ and ~r~ keybindings as well.

This is a breaking change because ~r~ was previously bound to ~revert-buffer~. 
However, ~g~ is also bound to ~revert-buffer~ and is the conventional binding 
for ~revert~ so this should be okay.

** Make changes required by newer versions of Emacs
A number of changes are made to support new elisp / package changes. There is 
no impact of this on existing users.
- Emacs 27, Emacs 28 and Emacs 29 are supported now.
- Synctex 1.21 is supported now.
** Improve overall install experience
Running ~M-x pdf-tools-install~ should _just work_ now.
** Add support for high-resolution displays (Retina display on Mac)
Setting ~pdf-view-use-scaling~ to a non-nil value now renders crisp images on 
high-resolution displays.
* Version 0.90
** The displayed columns when listing annotations is now customizable
See variable ~pdf-annot-list-format~ and ~pdf-annot-list-highlight-type~.
** Improved handling of default annotation properties
A new variable ~pdf-annot-default-annotation-properties~ was introduced, 
subsuming and obsoleting ~pdf-annot-default-text-annotation-properties~ and 
~pdf-annot-default-markup-annotation-properties~. The new variable lets the 
user choose default properties, e.g. a color, for all supported annotations 
** Provide a faster "boot-loader"
The autoloaded function ~pdf-loader-install~ acts as a replacement for 
~pdf-tools-install~ and makes Emacs load and use PDF Tools as soon as a PDF 
file is opened, but not sooner.
** Improved the process of (re)compiling the server
This obsoletes the variable ~pdf-tools-handle-upgrades~, which does nothing 
* Version 0.80
** Tablist package
The files ~tablist.el~ and ~tablist-filter.el~ are no longer part of 
~pdf-tools~, but continue to live on in the ~tablist~ package, on which 
~pdf-tools~ now depends on.
** View
*** Encrypted files
When encountering an encrypted file, query for a password and attempt to 
decrypt it.
*** Backward sync from isearch
In ~isearch~, press ~M-s s~ to visit the source of the current match.
*** Disable unicode in mode-line
New variable ~pdf-view-use-unicode-lighter~ which allows for disabling the use 
of unicode in the mode-line.
* Version 0.70
** View
*** Register integration
The keys ~m~ and ~'~ now set respectively to jump to a register corresponding 
to a position in the PDF. Also ~''~ is handled special: It jumps to the 
position before the last register-jump.
*** Export parts of a page as an image
See ~pdf-view-extract-region-image~.

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