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[NonGNU ELPA] Projectile version 2.7.0

From: ELPA update
Subject: [NonGNU ELPA] Projectile version 2.7.0
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2022 17:04:40 -0500

Version 2.7.0 of package Projectile has just been released in NonGNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Projectile describes itself as:

  Manage and navigate projects in Emacs easily

More at

## Summary:

  This library provides easy project management and navigation.  The
  concept of a project is pretty basic - just a folder containing
  special file.  Currently git, mercurial and bazaar repos are
  considered projects by default.  If you want to mark a folder
  manually as a project just create an empty .projectile file in

## Recent NEWS:

# Changelog

## master (unreleased)

## 2.7.0 (2022-11-22)

### New features

* [#1591]( Add `project.el` 
integration that will make Projectile the default provider for project lookup.
* Add new command `projectile-find-references` (bound to `C-c C-p ?` and `C-c 
C-p s x`).
* [#1737]( Add helpers for 
`dir-local-variables` for 3rd party use. Functions 
`projectile-add-dir-local-variable` and `projectile-delete-dir-local-variable` 
wrap their built-in counterparts. They always use `.dir-locals.el` from the 
root of the current Projectile project.
* Add a new defcustom (`projectile-dirconfig-file`) controlling the name of the 
file used as Projectile’s root marker and configuration file.
* [#1813]( Allow project-files 
to contain wildcards and allow multiple project-files per project type 
registration. Add a new project-type for .NET solutions.

### Changes

* [#1812]( Add a 
`projectile-root-marked` function for finding roots marked by `.projectile`. 
Prioritize `.projectile` above other bottom-up root files.

### Bug fixed

* [#1796]( Fix 
`projectile-root-bottom-up` doesn’t always find bottom-most file
* [#1799]( Fix 
`projectile-open-projects` lists projects for which all buffers are closed.
* [#1806]( Fix 
`projectile-project-type` to return the correct project type even when we pass 
it the DIR arg. As a result of the fix,
`projectile-expand-root`, `projectile-detect-project-type`, 
`projectile-verify-files` , `projectile-verify-file` 
`projectile-verify-file-wildcard`, `projectile-cabal-project-p`,
`projectile-dotnet-project-p`, `projectile-go-project-p` and the newly factored 
out `projectile-eldev-project-p` now also takes an &optional DIR arg to specify 
the directory it is acting on.

## 2.6.0 (2022-10-25)

### New features

* [#1790]( Add `src-dir` and 
`test-dir` properties for the mill project type.
* [#1778]( Allow 
`projectile-replace` to select file extensions when using prefix arg (`C-u`).
* [#1757]( Add support for the 
Pijul VCS.
* [#1745]( Allow 
`projectile-update-project-type` to change project type precedence and remove 
project options.
* [#1699]( 
`projectile-ripgrep` now supports [rg.el](
* [#1712]( Make it possible 
to hide Projectile's menu. See `projectile-show-menu`.
* [#1718]( Add a project 
type definition for `GNUMakefile`.
* [#1747]( Add support for 
preset-based install-commands for CMake projects.
* [#1768]( Add support for 
disabling command caching on a per-project basis.
* [#1797]( Make all project 
type attributes locally overridable.
* [#1803]( Add support 

### Bugs fixed

* [#1781]( Fix `rails-rspec` 
and `rails-test` to use `app` instead of `lib` as `src-dir`.
* [#1762]( Fix 
`projectile-globally-ignored-directories` unescaped regex.
* [#1713]( Fix 
`projectile-discover-projects-in-directory` reordering known projects.
* [#1514]( Fix 
`projectile-ag` global ignores not in effect.
* [#1714]( Fix 
`projectile-discover-projects-in-directory` not interactive.

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