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[NonGNU ELPA] Subed version 1.0.21

From: ELPA update
Subject: [NonGNU ELPA] Subed version 1.0.21
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2022 05:06:28 -0500

Version 1.0.21 of package Subed has just been released in NonGNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Subed describes itself as:
  A major mode for editing subtitles

More at

Recent NEWS:

1 subed news

1.1 Version 1.0.21 - 2022-11-16 - Sacha Chua

  • subed-align-options is a new variable that will be passed to aeneas
    during execution.
  • Calling subed-split-subtitle with the C-u prefix will now allow you
    to specify either an offset or a timestamp. If a timestamp is
    specified, it will be used as the starting timestamp of the second

1.2 Version 1.0.20 - 2022-11-16 - Sacha Chua

  subed now talks about media files instead of video files, since audio
  files are fine too. Updating the function names and documentations to
  refer to media instead of video files can help people think of using
  subed for audio files as well. Distinguishing between video and audio
  extensions can be useful for tools like aeneas, which expect audio

  I defined obsolete function and variable aliases for most things, but
  subed-mpv-media-file (used to be subed-mpv-video-file) uses
  defvar-local, so it didn't work well with
  define-obsolete-variable-alias. If you have any code that uses
  subed-mpv-video-file, please rewrite it to refer to
  subed-mpv-media-file instead.

1.3 Version 1.0.19 - 2022-11-11 - Sacha Chua

  New commands subed-merge-dwim, subed-merge-region,
  subed-merge-region-and-set-text, and set-subtitle-text can help with
  making chapter files.

  Added more details to the

  This version also includes bugfixes for subed-align and subed-vtt.

1.4 Version 1.0.18 - 2022-11-08 - Sacha Chua

  New function subed-parse-file.

1.5 Version 1.0.17 - 2022-11-07 - Sacha Chua

  New command subed-align in the subed-align.el file lets you use aeneas
  for forced alignment. This can assign timestamps to each line of text.

  VTT files can now have optional cue identifiers. A cue identifier is a
  line of text before the timestamps that can identify the cue. It
  should not contain "–>".

1.6 Version 1.0.16 - 2022-10-26 - Sacha Chua

  When you load word data, subtitle words that were successfully matched
  with the word-level timestamps will now be highlighted so that it's
  easier to split at them.

1.7 Version 1.0.15 - 2022-10-26 - Sacha Chua

  Added support for SRV2 files in subed-word-data.el. You can use
  subed-word-data-load-from-file to load word-level timing data from
  SRV2 files or add subed-word-data-load-maybe to the subed-mode-hook.

  VTT no longer assumes that the start of the file is part of the first

  VTT and SRT are now less confused by spaces at the end of a subtitle
  when splitting.

1.8 Version 1.0.14 - 2022-10-25 - Sacha Chua

  Delete the CPS overlay when disabling it

1.9 Version 1.0.13 - 2022-10-25 - Sacha Chua

  Fixed TSV fontlocking.  Improved subed-convert so that the new buffer
  is also visiting a file.

1.10 Version 1.0.12 - 2022-10-23 - Sacha Chua

  Added new command `subed-convert'.

1.11 Version 1.0.11 - 2022-10-23 - Sacha Chua

  Added subed-tsv.el for Audacity label exports. Use M-x subed-tsv-mode
  to load it.

1.12 Version 1.0.10 - 2022-09-20 - Sacha Chua

  Use - instead of : in mpv socket names to see if that will make it
  work better on Microsoft Windows.

1.13 Version 1.0.9 - 2022-09-14 - Sacha Chua

  • Consolidated the different faces to subed-id-face, subed-time-face,
    and subed-time-separator-face. Added tests for font-locking. Dropped
    text font-locking for now since we didn't have a good regular
    expression for it.

    • subed-srt-id-face
    • subed-srt-time-face
    • subed-srt-time-separator-face
    • subed-srt-text-face
    • subed-vtt-id-face
    • subed-vtt-time-face
    • subed-vtt-time-separator-face
    • subed-vtt-text-face
    • subed-ass-id-face
    • subed-ass-time-face
    • subed-ass-time-separator-face
    • subed-ass-text-face

  Thanks to Igor for the bug report!

1.14 Version 1.0.8 - 2022-09-08 - Sacha Chua

  • Added support for SRT comment syntax thanks to mbork.

1.15 Version 1.0.6 - 2022-07-22 - Sacha Chua

  • Allow mm:ss.000 (optional hours) when validating VTT files.
  • Use just the buffer name hash when naming the MPV socket.

1.16 Version 1.0.3 - 2022-02-07 - Sacha Chua

  …  …

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