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[GNU ELPA] Use-Package version 2.4.4

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Use-Package version 2.4.4
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2022 05:04:22 -0500

Version 2.4.4 of package Use-Package has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Use-Package describes itself as:
  A configuration macro for simplifying your .emacs

More at

Recent NEWS:

# Changes

## 2.4.4

This release prepares for inclusion to GNU ELPA and includes no other changes

## 2.4.1

This is mostly a bug-fix release:

- Update the documentation for :custom as per #850

- Fix broken test due to #850

- better tests

- add test for #845

- Support keymap symbol in bind-key. Fix #845

- use-package-core.el: use the Emacs set-default function to avoid saving 
:custom vars twice

- Fix Travis

- typo, should be a vector, not a bytecode object


- Add special value back again, in case needed for backwards compat

  I don't know why this special value exists, but perhaps old client code uses 

  The additional `t' in the macro expansion is accidental but not harmful I 

- Even when there's no :config, run any pre/post config hooks

  i.e., following the existing docs for use-package-inject-hooks, these hooks 


  This should make config customisations more predictable (for example, 
  uses these hooks extensively to allow 'layers' to be customised).

  I got rid of the "special" default value for :config, because it doesn't seem 
  be treated any differently than nil.

  Fixes #785

- Clarify the documentation for :after

- add table of contents to README

- Fix typos

  Typos found with codespell.

- Fix typos

- Attempt to explain omit "-hook" better

- Update tests

- Switch from `require' to `load' + `featurep'

- Use `require', not `load', when byte-compiling

- Make custom-face evaluate elisp.

  Fix #696.

- Add a line of documentation for (use-pacakage ... :hook).

- Fix typo in README

- Fix documentation for defer

- Add no-query option for pdf-tools-install

- Fix typo in README

- Fix all notes in README

- Mention use-package-ensure in README

  Without requiring `use-package-ensure`, setting `use-package-always-ensure`
  did not actually work for me.

## 2.4

### Breaking changes

- `use-package` no longer requires `diminish` as a dependency, allowing people
  to decide whether they want to use diminish or delight. This means that if
  you do use diminish, you'll now need to pull it into your configuration
  before any use of the `:diminish` kewyord. For example:

  ``` elisp
      (use-package diminish :ensure t)

- Emacs 24.3 or higher is now a requirement.

- The `:defer-install` keyword has been removed. It may reappear as an add-on
  module for use-package in a future release. See issue #442 for more details.

- There is no longer a `use-package-debug` option, since `use-package-verbose`
  already has the possible value of `debug`.

- The ordering of several elements of `use-package-keywords` have changed; if
  you had previously customized this (or were an extension author adding to
  this list), you may need to rework your changes.

- For extension authors, `:commands` should no longer be propagated down for
  autoloading. See more below.

### Other changes

- Upgrade license to GPL 3.

- If `use-package-verbose` is set to the symbol `debug`, any evaluation errors
  during package configuration will cause a complete report to be written to a
  `*use-package*` buffer, including: the text of the error, the `use-package`
  declaration that caused the error, the post-normalized form of this
  declaration, and the macro-expanded version (without verbosity-related
  code). Note that this still does not help if there are parsing errors, which
  cause Emacs to register a Lisp error at startup time.

- New customization variable `use-package-deferring-keywords`, mainly intended
  for use by extension packages, indicates keywords that, if used without
  `:demand`, cause deferred loading (as if `:defer t` had been specified).

- The `:ensure` keyword now accepts a specific pinning sub-keyword. For

  ``` elisp
  (use-package foo
    :pin "elpa")

  This ensure the package `foo` is installed from `"elpa"`.

  ``` elisp

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