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[NonGNU ELPA] Annotate version 1.5.2

From: ELPA update
Subject: [NonGNU ELPA] Annotate version 1.5.2
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2022 17:11:52 -0400

Version 1.5.2 of package Annotate has just been released in NonGNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x package-list RET.

Annotate describes itself as:
  annotate files without changing them

More at

Recent NEWS:

Table of Contents

2022-01-26 v1.5.1 cage
      This version refactored a lot of code thanks to the suggestions of
      Emacs maintainer. Several unused variables were removed and some
      portion of the code was simplified.

2022-01-26 v1.5.0 cage
      This version add a new command to import a database file.

2021-09-30 v1.4.3 cage
      This is a bugfix release.

      The program would keep asking to confirmation for deleting a
      database file even if such file does not actually exists on the
      file system.

      When the only action on a buffer was deleting an annotation, the
      buffer was not marked as modified; as a consequence, the deletion
      would not happens on the database (the database entry for the
      annotation to be deleted would not be removed from the file) and,
      when visiting the file, the annotation would be shown again.

2021-09-24 v1.4.2 cage
      This version added a new command to delete the annotation under

2021-05-27 V1.3.1 cage
      Bugfix release:

      • The button "[replace]" to edit an annotation from the summary
        window was not working at all;

      • In certain cases the summary window was rendering wrong text's
        fragment instead of the text of the annotation.

      Many thanks to "glvno" for reporting the aforementioned bugs and
      testing the patches!

2021-05-07 V1.3.0 cage
      This version added a procedure to prevent an empty database to be
      saved on the user's disk.

      Moreover if an empty annotations database is going to overwrite an
      existing stale database file on disk the file is deleted instead.

      Before deleting the old database file a confirmation message is
      printed on the minibuffer if the custom variable
      'annotate-database-confirm-deletion' is non nil (default: t).

2021-05-05 V1.2.1 Bastian Bechtold, cage
      This version fixes a bug that prevented command like
      'comment-region' to works properly when annotate-mode was active.

2021-04-27 V1.2 Bastian Bechtold, cage
      New feature. When the customizable variable
      `annotate-endline-annotate-whole-line' is not nil (default t), and
      and the user try to annotate a newline the whole line is annotated
      instead (or the next if the line is empty).

      If the line contains a single annotation that cover all the line
      annotating the newline Will ask to edit the annotation. If
      `annotate-endline-annotate-whole-line' is nil annotating a newline
      will signal an error.

      Also this version generates smaller database as files left with no
      annotations will not be saved on disk.

      Finally annotating read-only buffers (especially deleting
      annotations) should works without problems.

2021-03-17 V1.1.5 Bastian Bechtold, cage
      Removed compilation warnings, one of the problem highlighted by a
      warning was actually preventing this package working on Doom

      Also a bug that prevented annotations placed on info files to be
      deleted has been fixed.

      Many thanks to many people that helped discovering and suggesting
      fix for these problems!

2021-02-05 V1.1.4 Bastian Bechtold, cage
      Fixed highlight color of annotated text that starts from the first
      character of the buffer's content.

2021-01-06 V1.1.3 Bastian Bechtold, cage
      Optimized the code to speedup reading and saving of encrypted
      (with GPG) annotated files.

2021-01-06 V1.1.2 Bastian Bechtold, cage
      This version improves visual of multilined notes placed on the
      window margins.

2021-01-06 V1.1.1 Bastian Bechtold, cage
      This version fix an old bug that causes many types of issues with
      rendering of annotations on the margin of the window.

2020-12-24 V1.1.0 Bastian Bechtold, cage
      This version improves the visual style of annotated text that if
      formed by more than one line.

      Also the file path of each annotated file (in the database of
      annotation) is saved so called abbreviated form
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