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[GNU ELPA] Relint version 1.20

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Relint version 1.20
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2022 17:10:01 -0500

Version 1.20 of package Relint has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x package-list RET.

Relint describes itself as:
  Elisp regexp mistake finder

More at

Recent NEWS:

Version 1.20
- More compact distribution
Version 1.19
- Progress indicator in `relint-directory'
- Some performance improvements
- Fix some false positives in the regexp provenance detector
- Scan assignments to `font-lock-defaults' correctly
- Recognise regexp arguments to functions in the s.el package
Version 1.18:
- New check for ineffective backslashes in all strings (not just regexps)
- Warnings emitted in order of their position in file or buffer
- Performance improvements
Version 1.17:
- Fixed message display on Emacs 26
Version 1.16:
- Suppression comments now use regexp matching of messages
- New filename-specific checks in calls to `directory-files' etc
- Check some keyword arguments (:regexp and :regex)
- Improved rx checks
- `relint-directory' now displays number of files found
Version 1.15:
- Improved position accuracy in various lists of regexps
- Check for mistake in rx `any' forms
- `relint-buffer' now also returns severity (warning, error)
- Relint can now also check the *scratch* buffer
Version 1.14:
- Added `relint-buffer'
- Report error position inside string literals when possible
- Scan arguments to `search-forward-regexp' and `search-backward-regexp'
- Use text quoting for messages
Version 1.13:
- Look in function/macro doc strings to find regexp arguments and
  return values
- Detect binding and mutation of some known regexp variables
- Detect regexps as arguments to `syntax-propertize-rules'
- More font-lock-keywords variables are scanned for regexps
- `relint-batch' no longer outputs a summary if there were no errors
Version 1.12:
- Improved detection of regexps in defcustom declarations
- Better suppression of false positives
- Nonzero exit status upon error in `relint-batch'
Version 1.11:
- Improved evaluator, now handling limited local variable mutation
- Bug fixes
- Test suite
Version 1.10:
- Check arguments to `skip-syntax-forward' and `skip-syntax-backward'
- Add error suppression mechanism
Version 1.9:
- Limited tracking of local variables in regexp finding
- Recognise new variable `literal' and `regexp' rx clauses
- Detect more regexps in defcustom declarations
- Requires xr 1.13
Version 1.8:
- Updated diagnostics list
- Requires xr 1.12
Version 1.7:
- Expanded regexp-generating heuristics
- Some `defalias' are now followed
- All diagnostics are now documented (see
Version 1.6:
- Add `relint-current-buffer'
- Show relative file names in *relint*
- Extended regexp-generating heuristics, warning about suspiciously-named
  variables used as skip-sets
- "-patterns" and "-pattern-list" are no longer interesting variable
Version 1.5:
- Substantially improved evaluator, able to evaluate some functions and
  macros defined in the same file, even when passed as parameters
- Detect regexps spliced into [...]
- Check bad skip-set provenance
- The *relint* buffer now uses a new relint-mode for better usability,
  with "g" bound to `relint-again'
Version 1.4:
- First version after name change to `relint'

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