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[NonGNU ELPA] Org-Journal version 2.1.2

From: ELPA update
Subject: [NonGNU ELPA] Org-Journal version 2.1.2
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2022 05:03:29 -0500

Version 2.1.2 of package Org-Journal has just been released in NonGNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x package-list RET.

Org-Journal describes itself as:
  a simple org-mode based journaling mode

More at

Recent NEWS:

## 2013-06-04 V1.0 Bastian Bechtold
  - Initial working prototype. More or less simply an extension of 
personal-diary with org-mode files.

## 2013-06-12 V1.3.4 Bastian Bechtold
  - Several bug fixes and documentation improvements.

## 2013-08-23 V1.4 Bastian Bechtold
  - Now supports more customization

## 2013-09-17 V1.4.3 Bastian Bechtold
  - Several bugfixes and autoloading (which kind of mostly works)

## 2013-10-02 V1.4.4 Bastian Bechtold
  - Create org-journal directory if not present (thank you, Donghyun Cho!)

## 2013-11-10 V1.4.8 Bastian Bechtold
  - Fixed opening of journal files for reading (thank you, Matthew M. Keeler!)
  - View mode now stays active when switching between files (thank you, Matthew 
M. Keeler!)
  - Some autoload fixes

## 2014-03-10 V1.4.8 Bastian Bechtold
  - Some bug fixes on opening files (thank you, Ram Raghunathan!)

## 2014-06-17 V1.5 Bastian Bechtold
  - Some more bug fixes for autoloading
  - Simplified setup by auto generating the file pattern from the file format.

## 2014-11-19 V1.6 Bastian Bechtold
  - Changed default key bindings to comply with Emacs' standards.

## 2014-08-12 V1.6.2 Bastian Bechtold
  - Added prefix argument to open-current-entry (thank you, Vladimir Kazanov!)

## 2014-08-12 V1.6.3 Bastian Bechtold
  - Added key binding for viewing but not switching to entry (thank you, 
Vladimir Kazanov!)

## 2014-17-12 V1.6.4 Bastian Bechtold
  - Journal files should open correctly when restored by desktop-save-mode now.

## 2015-03-01 V1.7.0 Bastian Bechtold
  - Added functions for searching journal entries in date ranges (thank you, 
Vladimir Kazanov!).

## 2015-05-04 V1.8.0 Bastian Bechtold
  - No more empty files when creating new entries with prefix (thank you, 
Vladimir Kazanov!).
  - You can now customize whether org-journal-mode will hide entries (thank 
you, Boris Buliga!).

## 2015-06-22 V1.9.0 Bastian Bechtold
  - Journal files can now be encrypted if you set org-journal-enable-encryption 
(thank you, Donghyun Cho and Puneeth Chaganti!).

## 2015-07-01 V1.9.1 Bastian Bechtold
  - Encryption and prefix now work for calendar-created entries (thank you, 
Puneeth Chaganti!).

## 2015-09-07 V1.10.0 Bastian Bechtold
  - Add option to find-file in same window.

## 2016-04-27 V1.11.0 Bastian Bechtold
  - Add highlight to search results (thank you, aJchemist!).
  - Add option to carry over TODO items from previous entry when creating a new 

## 2017-01-26 V1.12.0 Bastian Bechtold
  - Add customization option for the search order (thank you, aJchemist!).
  - Add keybinding for searching the journal outside of the calendar (thank 
you, Vladimir Kazanov!)
  - Improve README tremendously (thank you, Vladimir Kazanov and Grace Gahman!)

## 2017-07-05 V1.12.1 Bastian Bechtold
  - Adds documentation for spacemacs (thank you, borgnix!)
  - Documentation improvements (thank you, Vladimir Kazanov!)
  - Allows functions as org-journal-date-prefix (thank you, Samim, Pezeshki!)

## 2017-09-28 V1.12.2 Bastian Bechtold
  - Fixes buffer modified flag (should fix many accidental journal deletions)

## 2017-11-13 V1.12.3 Bastian Bechtold
  - Autoload fixes (thank you, Troy Hinckley!)
  - Fixes for org-journal-file-format if it has a file extension or is behind a 

## 2018-03-27 V1.13.0 Bastian Bechtold
  - Implements scheduling of future events

## 2018-04-02 V1.13.1 Bastian Bechtold
  - Implements org-agenda integration

## 2018-04-02 V1.13.2 Bastian Bechtold
  - Fixes deprecation warnings and requires Emacs >= 25.1

## 2018-04-02 V1.13.3 Bastian Bechtold
  - Fixes prefix for future journal entries

## 2018-04-18 V1.13.4 Bastian Bechtold
  - Fixes issue if org-journal-dir does not end in "/"

## 2018-05-14 V1.14.1 Bastian Bechtold
  - Adds support for org-extend-today-until

## 2018-06-03 V1.14.2 Bastian Bechtold
  - Changes "SCHEDULED" entries to entries with timestamp (because that's how 
org does it)

## 2018-07-23 V1.14.3 Bastian Bechtold
  - Removes debug output. Sorry about that.

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