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[Gnoppix-user] gnoppix_0.7-2004080501.iso

From: Andreas Mueller
Subject: [Gnoppix-user] gnoppix_0.7-2004080501.iso
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2004 13:17:13 +0200

the last betaversion:

download: -2004080501.iso

md5: 80b251f3a48be1e0f51f0d833bb3b72b  gnoppix_0.7-2004080501.iso

torrent: -2004080501.iso.torrent


* now using kernel 2.6.7, with cloop v2 and translucency
* fixed /dev/cdrom|mouse|scanner|modem nodes
* fixed knoppix-locale
* added Mozilla Thunderbird
* added base devicenodes (now also in mmaker)
* /etc/environment is now exported by default in profile/bashrc/bash_profile
* small fix for mount_module
* added back alsa stuff
* partially rebuilt from scratch using mmaker, includes hwsetup/hwdata of May Knoppixrelease (still using Knoppix' sysvinit though)
* added squashfs patch for loading squashfs-compressed main/minimodules
* added zisofs support
* added plain iso-built main/minimodule loading for easier debugging
* autoreboot after mainmodule returns (debug=on to revert to old behaviour)
* locale-generating only when necessary
* merging of knoppix-autoconfig, mkxf86config changes
* /etc/apt is now no longer overwritten
* languages now in separate file (knoppix-locales), added couple
* Fixed setting of UTC by default (added different /etc/adjtime)
* GRUB non-floppy emulation used
* added pcmcica hotplug scripts
* added new ddcxinfo-knoppix
* hopefully fixed NVidia minimod
* automounting of /mnt partitions (not sure this patch worked...)
* hostname= bootoption

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