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[Gnoppix-user] BETA-Test 0.7

From: Andreas Mueller
Subject: [Gnoppix-user] BETA-Test 0.7
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 00:13:39 +0200
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Gnoppix NEWS
Sat Jul 10 23:33:16 CEST 2004

The Gnoppix Project is pleased to announce the first beta of Gnoppix
version 0.7. Gnoppix is a free operating system, with the gnome
desktop environment, features cryptographic software, is compatible
with the FHS v2.2 and supports software developed for the LSB.
Gnoppix 0.7-Series comes with Gnome 2.6

Note for Beta-Testers, please submit your report till 31th July
     This is a non-public release for beta-tester

Release-Plan : 15. August 2004


*       updated kernel to 2.4.25 + fixes, added forcedeth
*       added cloop 2.0, backwards-compatibility for mounting cloop v1
        modules (and squashfs, if it's in the kernel)
*       fixed problems with keyboarlayouts
*       using separate mount_module script, can be found in /usr/sbin
*       nvidia now resides in it's own minimodule, can be removed
*       added fix for usbbooting
*       fixed most problems with sound, now we use alsa
*       fixed nvidia, translucency slightly. Applied translucency patch
        for apt-get
*       fixed mkpersistanthome-loading
*       fixed problems with browsers
*       fixed bootsplash progressbar
*       added latest hwdata
*       new alsa lkm, bumped cloop and translucency to enable 64 modules
        & layers
*       added grub, replaces syslinux, submenus for various extra
        options and lang, default is now .us
*       more languages.
*       fixed a problem with openoffice, unconfigured
*       fixed a problem with shoutdown,reboot
*       added usbboot options to grub menu, boot.img
        singleoverlay is default, root directory is
        'writeable' too.
*       fixed a problem with terminal
*       fixed installer, yap it works now ;)

MD5: 25a8e2e3284c4fccc22dba2d11697671  gnoppix-0.7-1.iso

Andreas Mueller

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