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Re: [Gnoppix-user] Installation of 5.5

From: eklirmr
Subject: Re: [Gnoppix-user] Installation of 5.5
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 19:17:20 +0100
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On Wed Nov 12 2003 [or perhaps not] at 23:57:51 (-0500), Jeff Menzie wrote:
> New to Linux, so I might be missing the obvious.
> I have a one HD computer. I resized the NTFS partition that was on and left
> several gigabytes free. Booted Gnoppix and ran the install script. With it,
> I was able to set up Linux partitions [normal and swap, type 82 and 83]. But
> once I save the changes and click quit, the script only brings me back to
> the partition tool; I'm not able to get past that point.

How did you do that?  When I tried to install Gnoppix to HD it just
repartitioned my hard disk, thus wiping out all the data on my windows

Is there a new installation script?



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