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[Gnoppix-user] problems with gnoppix

From: james miklasevich
Subject: [Gnoppix-user] problems with gnoppix
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 03:57:09 -0000

I tried the latest version of gnoppix today and it seemed to be working well until I tried logging out.  I went through the logout sequence and instead of getting the shutdown script, my monitor display became a jumble of horizontal lines.  I did a reset (probably not the best decision in retrospect, but what else could I do) and now my machine seems to be useless.
All I'm getting now is a purple screen, the machine doesn't boot (even with a boot disk -- it doesn't read the floppy drive) and it seems to be totally useless.  I think the bios might be trashed since it's not reading the floppy drive at all, even though it looks at the cd-drives.  Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  It's an older system, 750 MHz, Athlon, nvidia tnt2 card, 256 meg ram.

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