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[Gnoppix-devel] Re: Gnoppix Live CD

From: gnoppix
Subject: [Gnoppix-devel] Re: Gnoppix Live CD
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 13:52:15 +0200 (CEST)

Gnoppix is compatible with Pentium and Athlon processors. Itanium and AMD64 
processors are not supported at this time. A 64 bit version of Gnoppix might be 
available for testing in Fall 2004.
Gnoppix does not support multiple processors. The next major release of 
Gnoppix, due in 2004, will include both single and SMP kernels.

Gnoppix needs 128MB of RAM and preferably up to 512MB. Although some 
experienced users have reported success with 64MB of RAM, this is not 

When running from CD, the performance may be very poor with only 128MB.

When installing Gnoppix on a hard drive, at least 2.5GB of space is required 
but 4GB is preferred.

A hard drive or CDROM drive may be IDE, SCSI, Firewire or USB but when Gnoppix 
is installed, the root partition should be on an IDE drive.

Gnoppix has full support for SATA controllers.

Gnoppix automatically supports most of the latest chipsets including VIA and 

Gnoppix should work automatically in a LAN environment, including LAN connected 
Cable Modems.

Gnoppix works with some DSL providers and not with others. 

Gnoppix works with most older WiFi cards but Wireless-G type cards are 
supported only if they utilize an Atheros chipset.  Vendors who use the Atheros 
chipset include D-Link, NetGear, HP, IBM, NEC, and Toshiba.  However, this 
could change at any time.  Do not assume that all Wireless-G products from 
these vendors use an Atheros chip.

Broadcom chips are not yet supported by Gnoppix.  The Broadcom chips are used 
by Apple, Belkin, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, Compaq, and Linksys.

Gnoppix includes builtin support for many modems including some popular 

Dialup ISPs
Dialup ISP configuration is very similar to MS-Windows.

Linux is not compatible with ISPs that require special MS-Windows software when 
connecting to their network. This includes AOL and NetZero.

MS Networking Neighborhood

Gnoppix is compatible with MS Networking and can operate as a member of a MS 
Workgroup, but the MS network must use TCPIP, not NetBEUI.

Some users have reported problems logging into Win2K boxes from Gnoppix. This 
is probably a configuration issue.

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