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[Gnoppix-devel] Would any of the changes be welcomed to Gnoppix

From: Amish K. Munshi
Subject: [Gnoppix-devel] Would any of the changes be welcomed to Gnoppix
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 09:23:24 +0530

   I have modified Gnoppix 0.5 (How do I know the compelte version
   number?). I have made the following modifications 

Changes Made by team.

Added /usr/local/yudit and added yudit_with_xkbmap script to
/usr/local/yudit/bin and hwd to yudit/share/yudit/data (I compiled yudit
on Debian woody and moved it to the gnoppix directory.)

Added /usr/local/drgeo (Compiled on RHL 9.0 since libguile  was missing
on gnoppix)

Added /usr/local/grass5  (Installed compiled binaries - Had to add
libtermcap manualy)

Added /etc/skel to the /home/credativ

Created a refresh page  from
/usr/share/doc/mozilla-browser/localstart.html to

Added openoffice to /opt and changed the openoffice icon on the desktop.

Modified boot.img to include the following
        1. Changed boot.msg to gnubhaaratii and 
RELEASE 19-09-2003 
        2. Modified CREDATIV to gnubhaaratii in miniroot.gz

Added fonts to /usr/share/fonts/truetype/  padmaa-bold padmaa-normal and

Added Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati locales.

Converted and added mo files in /usr/share/locale for Hindi, Marathi and

Changed H Freq from 28-96 to 30-50 in /usr/sbin/mkxf86config

Added fonts to /opt/openoffice/share/fonts/truetype/

Modified /etc/rc2.d/S90startme to copy /etc/skel/* /home/credativ and
/etc/skel/.* /home/credativ 

Added and created a link from /lib/ to
/lib/ to /lib for grass5

Added libguile9_1.4-24_i386.deb
        and  in /usr/lib created the following links for drgeo
                ln -s
                ln -s
                ln -s

Removed libglib2.0-dev

Changed boot.img to use lang=hi as default

Moved CREDATIV/background.gif to CREDATIV/background.gif.orig

Created a JPEG and a PNG image of and placed them at
CREDATIV/ as background.jpeg and background.gif

Created a link from CREDATIV/background.gif to CREDATIV/background.png

Added background.jpg to /usr/local/lib and created a link from
credanka.gif to background.jpg

Added the following to /etc/rcS.d/S00credativ-autoconfig

# AGI's version
# Additional KDE Keyboards

Modified XkbDisable in /etc/X11/ and

Added /etc/ini.d/Hindi_kbd and /etc/Xmodmap (this is to set Hindi kbd)

           Presently I am modifying gnoppix and copying it to another HDD
           partition from where I am booting. I have not yet created an
           self booting CD (I dont guess that should fail for any reason
           :-) ).

         I would like if we can include the following in the main

NOTE : These changes are made to a distro I am making and they have not
been provided back to the development team. I would love to provide these
changes back to the community but do have limited bandwidth connection
(unlimited in time). I can provide individual changes or work online to
make these changed on the main distribution. 

  Amish K. Munshi

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