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[gnomoradio-users] ANNOUNCE: Gnomoradio 0.10

From: Matt Gerginski
Subject: [gnomoradio-users] ANNOUNCE: Gnomoradio 0.10
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2004 14:20:44 +0000

Gnomoradio is a peer-to-peer music playing system that can read and
understand Creative Commons licenses.  In addition to playing local
files, it has the ability to recommend, download, and play free music
(mp3s and oggs) in a user-friendly way.

Gnomoradio 0.10 contains many bugfixes and enhancements.  Most notable
of these is the migration to Glib::ustring (which allows the use of
UTF-8 encoded characters) and the introduction of Search Playlists
(playlists that are dynamically generated based on some criterion chosen
by the user).


Matt Gerginski

List of changes in 0.10

  - saves and restores search lists
 - fixes involving song timer signals for mp3s
 - player can now transfer playing status between song lists without
 - Druid runs if ~/.roboradio-state is missing
 - migrated to Glib::ustring where appropriate
 - context menu now remains after releasing right button
 - fixed shuffle UI
 - fixed uninitialized SongList::current_song
 - web browser now uses gnome custom browser if gconf key is set
 - now compiles with g++ 3.4 snapshots
 - fixed search UI
 - added a menu item to find the currently playing song
 - fixed bug where multiple State's are created
 - added SongListSearch to druid

Matt Gerginski <address@hidden>

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