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[gnomoradio-users] ANNOUNCE: Gnomoradio 0.9

From: Jim Garrison
Subject: [gnomoradio-users] ANNOUNCE: Gnomoradio 0.9
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 15:40:48 -0500

Gnomoradio is a peer-to-peer music playing system that can read and
understand Creative Commons licenses.  In addition to playing local
files, it has the ability to recommend, download, and play free music
(mp3s and oggs) in a user-friendly way.

There are many large and subtle bugfixes in this release, and the user
interface is improved.  An upgrade is highly recommended for all current


Jim Garrison

List of changes in 0.9

 - Now compatible with libxml++ 1.0 API
 - Improvements to determining an ogg's title
 - You can no longer start a second download of a resource while it is
checking the checksum
 - Other HubClient fixes
 - More functionality added to right-click menu
 - OGG playing fixes
 - radio playlist is now saved in configuration
 - saves all configuration every 10 minutes in case of crash (and alarm
now works finally)
 - no longer needs esd running for mp3's to play (as long as the sample
rate is standard)
 - lots of fixes involving disabling Rainbow
 - cancel now works in song path directory selector
 - added IntroDruid
 - many changes in HttpServer
 - changed the way downloads are signaled internally through SongList's
 - fixed lots of packing issues
 - added PlaylistDruid (Matt)
 - added timer (Matt)
 - fixed way state/next song is signaled to UI

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