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Re: gnokii-smsd not INSERTing SMS INTO inbox table

From: Jan Ostrochovsky
Subject: Re: gnokii-smsd not INSERTing SMS INTO inbox table
Date: Sat, 8 Aug 2015 20:50:20 +0200

Problem solved!

Problem was that GSM modem had some SMS in ME-memory and some in SE-memory.

Therefore smsd was incrementing counter indefinitely while not finding all SMS in chosen memory, as seen on the output.

When I deleted all SMS from one memory and then run smsd with --startpos0, reading from the second memory, it finally has run correctly and inserted to database, and also logged into /tmp/smsd.log. So then my working solution will be:

smsd --host localhost --user db_user --db db_name --schema schema_name --module pq --logfile /some/where/smsd.log --firstpos0

(This modem is currently saving received SMS into default SM memory - SIM card.)

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