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Re: Profesional GSM modems like Wavecom

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: Profesional GSM modems like Wavecom
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2014 12:03:52 +0200

2014-09-22 5:37 GMT+02:00 Pablo Reyes:

> For this reason, I plain move to a profesional solution for receive/sending
> SMS: Wavecom solutions like wavecom Q2403 (

I think someone mentioned a similar device in the past but I can't
find it in the list archives

> But, Gnokii or Gammu provides support for this type of devices?

for gnokii and gammu it shouldn't make any difference if your
/dev/tty* ports come from 7 distinct USB ports (like in your current
setup) or from a single device/USB port, as long as the operating
system sees distinct and standard serial devices

gnokii has also support for multi-modem devices over Ethernet which
may need scripts to log in and out; those script are similar to PPP
scripts, for an example see Docs/sample/ppp/portech-login

> What is your recomendation?

find a developer's manual or detailed protocol information before
buying, or at least the contents of the CD with drivers

Daniele Forsi

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