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SMS Reference ID on response

From: Rodrigo Montiel
Subject: SMS Reference ID on response
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2014 17:07:38 -0300

Hi magicians!

Good afternoon everyone. Hope you are all fine.
I was testing last gnokii version and is really good, but I have a question not sure if can be implemented or not.

Does gnokii have a way of indentifying a response from a certain SMS sent? Let's say: I send SMS1 to userA from the same telephone, then SMS2 to userA again. But userA replies on SMS2 only.
Am I able to read a sort of identifier from GSM on that reply so as to assign it to SMS2 in my database?

Have no particular gnokii version, last one is really wonderful. Just asking if any possibilities of doing such a thing.

Thanks masters,

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