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Automatic resend Messages on error (MYSQL) / Connection Intervall betwee

From: Axel Gruber
Subject: Automatic resend Messages on error (MYSQL) / Connection Intervall between mysql and smsd
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2012 22:08:29 +0100


two more Questions:

For some Reason the MYSQL Database is not on the same Machine on wich the smsd runs (Connected to the GSM Modem)  - the MYSQL Database is on a server in the www connected trough a  vpn connection  (DSLConnection + VPN).
By default the smsd contact the mysql Server 1x per Second or oftener  - i don´t know - but this produce a lot of Traffic

So my question: is there a hack or a other way to defiine a "connection Interval" between smsd and mysql ? (10 sec for example)

When i want to sent a SMS i put it into the outbox table - then smsd try to send it.

But when there is a Problem (no GMS Connection or other Problem with the GSM Provider) the entry is marked with "processed = 1" and "error = 8".
Is there any way (or switch) so "say to smsd" to try to resend a SMS Message from time to time als long as there is no "error".

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