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Re: Re: Windows CA-101 series40 networkmonitor

From: Ivan Patrishkov
Subject: Re: Re: Windows CA-101 series40 networkmonitor
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2011 15:24:11 +0300 (EEST)


> is the right place
>to get something recent.
>Pawel Kot

Got the latest .msi and got it to work (downloaded C environment dll etc.).

However, gnokii still cannot connect to my phone. Its driver maps it to COM3 now.

From what I understood, connection = serial should always be used with COM.., as these are virtual serial ports.


model = symbian

model = AT

model = 6510

model = series40

with connection=serial. With all of them gnokii returned "Timeout" . Attached in this mail is the log for them

Even tried

> model = series40
> port = 1
> connection = dku2libusb
as suggested in other cases in the list but for the *nix OS's and (oh,surprise) nothing happened

>> And since I only want to activate the network monitor if it turns out that
>> its not supported by these configurations pls let me know because everything
>> else becomes irrelevant.
>AFAIK Series 40 doesn't have netmonitor and even if it has, gnokii
>doesn't know how to enable it on this kind of phones or how to read
>from it
>Daniele Forsi

Yes, I read about that in many places, but one thing that keeps me from giving up is an item in my phone's menu that states "show network info in active mode". Of course, when i switch it to On, nothing happens, no matter active mode or not. Guess my employer gave me the least suitable phone for an RF engineer



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