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Re: nokia 6133 and sms

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: nokia 6133 and sms
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2010 16:07:52 +0200

2010/9/26 John Lapeyre:

>> may I put your name in the ChangeLog as source for the information
>> that Nokia 6133 is RM-126?
>  Yes

done, I don't think it will make any visible difference for you, but
from now on gnokii will not send an old frame to a 6133

>> this may be the problem because the driver needs to fetch all of them

actually it doesn't fetch the messages, just a file list, anyway we
need that list to count the SMS (or the MMS)

> A folder a bit bigger than 1000
> items does return a count, but it is truncated to 1024.

that's strange because the array is dynamically realloc()'ed in inc_filecount()

> I looked for a way in the docs to adjust the
> timeout, but I didnt take the time to look in the source
> code.

at the higher level there are 2 types of timeout for getting SMS from
S40 3rd but they should be enough, though IIRC we tested with up to
1000 messages
include/phones/nk6510.h:#define NK6510_FILE_CACHE_TIMEOUT       10      /* 
seconds */
include/phones/nk6510.h:#define NK6510_GETFILELIST_TIMEOUT      500     /* 
miliseconds */

FILE_CACHE_TIMEOUT is multiplied by the number of SMS, so if you got a
list of 6 messages that list will live 1 minute in the cache
GETFILELIST_TIMEOUT is the time to get information on a single file

> For some reason, saved sent messages have the same
> non-sensical recipient and date:
>  Date/time: 00/00/2000 00:00:00
>  Recipient: +35856789123456789123 Msg Center:
> The proprietary program is able to retrieve the correct information.

yeah, gnokii decodes only the PDU, not the proprietary stuff around it
because it would need more reverse engineering and it wouldn't nicely
fit in the current code because a single PDU can have more than one
recipient number stored in the proprietary data,
Daniele Forsi

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