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Multiple Server Setup

From: Breandan Dezendorf
Subject: Multiple Server Setup
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2010 15:18:36 -0400

I'm trying to setup gnokii-smsd to handle my SMS traffic for a medium
sized Nagios monitoring installation, and I have a question about
architecture.  There are two servers setup to handle notifications,
and only one has notifications enabled at a time.  Each server has a
Nokia cell phone attached, and I'm able to send SMSs using the
"standalone" gnokii.  I was careful to purchase two identical servers
and two identical phones, so the config files match.

Ideally, I'd like to setup gnokii-smsd on each server, and have both
instances point to the same database tables on a clustered DB server.
This way, if Server A fails, Server B would be able to pick up where A
left off, and any SMS messages that were about to be sent would then
be sent from the other server.  I'm worried that the servers would
find a way to *both* send the SMS messages, as they default interval
is 1s, but I'm looking for other people who may have some advice on
the issue.

Breandan Dezendorf

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