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Re: Dialing failed: The given memory location is invalid.

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: Dialing failed: The given memory location is invalid.
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 17:38:42 +0200

Hi Pawel,

> Oh, that's interesting. Do I get it right that"
> gnokii --dialvoice ">ME10"
> will dial the 10th position from the addressbook stored in the phone
> memory, right?

right, but the "T" gives error

> What if there's more than one number assigned to that
> contact?

that's not a contact but a location, so only one number can be present,
but thank you so much for asking because I read the docs again and I
understood how the "dial by string" variation works:

string must be in double quotes, match exactly a contact, be in the
current AT+CSCS encoding and the trailing selector is mandatory,
example: ATD>"Daniele/M";
that would translate to gnokii --dialvoice '>"Daniele/M"' note single
and double quotes

docs say it searches a contact with that name "in all available
memories", docs don't specify in which order (apparently SM before ME)
you MUST select the different numbers appending a string:
/H for home
/W Work
/M Mobile
/F Fax
/O Other
this a Sony Ericsson extension

> Is it the standard syntax? I wonder how Symbian phones would handle it...

OMG it's standard!
3GPP TS 07.07  ETSI TS 100 916
subclause 6.3

Nokia 5300 Series 40 3rd supports it but NOT with "T" modifier, Nokia
N73 (Symbian) doesn't, but it doesn't even read the phonebook

I'd say let's remove the "T" for all phones and update man page and wiki
Daniele Forsi

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