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Auto phone detection. Setting the 'model' option in gnokiirc

From: Vladimir Paskov
Subject: Auto phone detection. Setting the 'model' option in gnokiirc
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 20:09:08 +0200

In my spare time I work on GPL Windows Gnokii front end
(C++/MFC/Win32). It's in early stages of development ( I will post
link to the project when first alpha is released ).

My question is as follows:
When my application start's it checks for the existance of an
application directory under %APP_DATA% folder.
If this directory exists it checks for the existance of 'gnokiirc' (
or in my case 'PhoneConfig' ) file.
- If the file is found the program load's the appropreate phone
configuration and starts.
- If the file does not exists, the user is presented with 'Connect
Phone Wizard' where he/she can select the connection type ( cable (
serial ) for now ).

The user select's cable connection and at the next step my application
enumerates all the COM(Serial) ports
available on the machine.

So here is my question: In what order I shoud try the model options?

for ( int i = 0; i < [Enumerated Com Ports]; i++ )
    if ( try COM[i] with model ? )

Please bare with me, I'm new to gnokii and FBUS. The idea behind the
front end was born from a guy from the
Nokia forum telling me that I can't do anything other than sending
messages and calling with my Nokia 1208
Vladimir V. Paskov

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