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Re: maximum memory locations

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: maximum memory locations
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2009 16:24:33 +0200

2009/7/21 Vieri:

> Suppose I run:
> # gnokii --getsms SM 1 50 --force-file in.msg
> I guess it will save ALL memory locations with SMS in them and skip all empty 
> locations. All the SMSs will be saved in one mbox-formatted text file. It is 
> then my task to parse this file to extract each single message. If I only 
> have an SMS at location SM 3 and another at location SM 12, in.msg will just 
> have two "mbox" messages.

yes, only regular text messages are saved, I think confirmation
reports aren't saved with model=AT because they look empty

parsing would be easier using smsd, see the example for the file module
but you would still get the "invalid location" error if location 1 is empty

> Suppose I now run:
> # gnokii --getsms SM 1 50 --force-file in.msg --delete
> and something "goes wrong" right in the middle of the operation, say, when 
> gnokii reaches memory location 25.
> Will all 50 locations be kept untouched (not deleted) because of the runtime 
> error (so I can "safely" rerun the instruction)? Or will the messages within 
> the first 25 locations be deleted despite the command's exit error code?

with gnokii each message is deleted after writing to the file, with
smsd all sms in turn are read and sent to the backend, then all

Daniele Forsi

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