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Add function in gnokii windows

From: Alejandro García
Subject: Add function in gnokii windows
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2009 19:18:23 -0400

hi.  i,ve benn trying to add a new function in gnokii on Windows, when
i compile everything is fine, generates the .lib file perfect using
visual studio 2005, but then, when i build a .so object file that
includes some .C files that i made wich use the functions on the .lib
file  something seems to be wrong. The .so object file is generated
satisfactorily but it does find the function i put in.  The function
that i put in works  because i compiled gnokii in linux and it works
perfectly, and the code have things compatibly in both windows and
linux. It seems like the new fuction is not found or something like
that, the error that gave me using the .so file is

.so: 127: No se encontró el proceso especificado.  .so (LoadError)

and if i coment the call to my new function it does not give me that
error in the generated .so file.

I just wanted to know if there is an extra step for adding functions
to gnokii library in windows.  In that case what are the steps to do

Thanks!!! expect an answer.

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