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reading messages by AT

From: Filip Houf
Subject: reading messages by AT
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 12:11:00 +0100


Can me help with delivery reports?


I send message by:





And get id of message


So when I read:

AT+CPMS=”SR” (on CPMS? I Get SM, SR)

->response is +CPMS: 3,20,3,20,3,20  it’s strange


Now I get list of messages but in SR aren’t status reports but just incoming messages same in SM memory.


I don’t know why I see 3 times state of memory on CPMS and why is SM content same as SR content and without status reports.


Still Toshiba 3G modem.



I can’t find at documentation, any standart or just some spec sheet with at+Cxxx from some brand.

If you know about some good documentation, solution of delivery reporst (not just *N# - content differ depending network in CZE) and hot ro read it please let me know.


Thank you.


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