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new gnokii --shell command

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: new gnokii --shell command
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2008 21:10:56 +0200


In CVS version you'll find new gnokii option called '--shell'. Running
gnokii with this command will cause gnokii to connect to given phone
and will allow to enter multiple commands one by one with no need to
reconnect. This is the example of the simple interactive session:

address@hidden:~$ gnokii --shell 2> /dev/null
> --identify
IMEI           : 3532680XXXXXXXX
Producent      : Nokia
Model          : 6230i
Nazwa produktu : RM72_73_-
Wydanie        : V 03.80
> --getsms IN 1
1. Wiadomość przychodząca (przeczytane)
Data/czas: 04/08/2008 08:48:56 +0200
Nadawca: +48691XXXXXX Centrum SMS: +48601000310
> --getphonebook ME 1
1. Nazwa: [name]
Grupa dzwoniących: brak
Informacje adresowe:
  Adres pocztowy: Adj
Numer domyślny: +48509XXX
Notatka: [xxx]
> address@hidden:~$

[end session with EOF signal (ctrl-d)]

Hopefully that will be useful despite current limitations:
 - you cannot change the phone you are connected to during the session
(--phone and --config commands issues will end up with some random
 - there may be a problem with reading from stdin (for commands like
--sendsms or --writephonebook) -- I haven't tested it
 - gnokii will not reconnect when lost the connection
 - debug log may look a bit ugly but it should not interact badly with the input

gnokii --shell uses readline library so you need libreadline-dev (or
compatible) to compile gnokii with it. However it gives all advantages
of readline. readline dependency is optional at compile time. If you
prefer some other lib than readline (like editline), patches are very
welcome :)

As always, do test and report bugs and problems :)

take care,
Pawel Kot

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