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Gnokii unable to send SMS

From: Iqbal Irwansyah
Subject: Gnokii unable to send SMS
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008 19:00:38 +0700

Hi all,

Since the first time i'm installing gnokii, I am unable to send SMS using Gnokii. This is my configuration:
- Phone model: Nokia 6020
- Connection type: CA-42
- Gnokii version source: 0.6.22 tarball
- OS: Ubuntu 7.10 with 64bit mode

Attached is my .gnokiirc configuration and some output of --identify and --sendsms option.
Debug mode already set to on and I don't see any output at $HOME/.gnokii-errors file (that file is empty).

Any suggestion would be appreciated. I am confused...?? What should I do to make Gnokii works...??


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