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Re: CDMA support?

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: CDMA support?
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 11:50:23 +0100
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On Thursday 31 January 2008, 15:43:08, Oswaldo wrote:

> I have a nokia 7088, this is a CDMA phone Technology, and xgnokii does not
> detect it, an does not work in Kmoviletools, in fact, Neither it works in
> nokia pc suite (windows).

we need the debug log to see the error messages

check if this applies to you:
"Please ensure your phone comes with Modem capability. If not, please contact 
your local Nokia Care Centre for a software upgrade and download the Nokia 
Data Suite which has Modem driver embedded. Please refer to Nokia 7088 CDMA 
User Guide for more information."

> in other topic, i'm live in venezuela, latinamerica, if you want, I can
> help you to translate xgnokii to spanish than better i can do it.

that would be great
note that the same file contains translations for gnokii, xgnokii, libgnokii 
and smsd, 1151 strings in total (strings for xgnokii are about 500, those for 
gnokii are another 500); you don't need to translate all at once but it would 
make sense to eventually translate everything, not just xgnokii

you should setup your system for compiling (x)gnokii from sources and add your 
2 letters language code to po/LINGUAS so you can see your translations in 

you may send the translation to me


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