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E70 supported in gnapplet?

From: Lukáš Petrovický
Subject: E70 supported in gnapplet?
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 23:30:37 +0100


I have just stumbled upon a GNOME bug #498239
[] that implies that
Nokia E70 phone is now natively supported in gnokii through gnapplet.

My question is simple - how come? As far as I know, E70 is a Symbian S60
3rd edition phone and gnapplet doesn't work on those. So, either
gnapplet has been fixed and discussion in the other thread is somehow
pointless, or the E70 doesn't really work.

Or am I missing some third option? I own Nokia N73 (also 3rd ed.
Symbian) and having a working gnapplet would really make my day.

Best regards!

Lukáš Petrovický,

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