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gnokii unhandled frame with --monitor

From: Jan Urbański
Subject: gnokii unhandled frame with --monitor
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 02:17:50 +0100
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I did as the messages told me - I read the file in doc/gnokii/Bugs and
I'm sending the report.

Using GNOKII version 0.6.22 (also confirmed with the CVS version, same
Telephone model: Nokia 3110 classic
Connection: USB cable (it's a cable I got form another device - it fits
the socket, so I used it), using libusb (connection = dku2libusb).

Everything goes fine untill I issue the command
$ gnokii --monitor
it thens spits out an error about an unandled frame begin recieved (log
attached, made by gnokii-cvs)

Steps to reproduce:
Connect phone, issue gnokii --monitor.


Jan Urbanski
GPG key ID: E583D7D2

ouden estin

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