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Re: gnokii 0.6.22

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: gnokii 0.6.22
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 23:47:30 +0100


On Nov 27, 2007 2:22 AM, Leo costela Antunes <address@hidden> wrote:
> Firstly, these files don't have copyrights, and should perhaps have it
> added:
> - win32/mingw-cross/
> - packaging/Slackware/
> - packaging/Slackware/
> - common/gnvcal.c (though this seems to be automatically generated bu
> the Makefile, so I don't think it's a problem)
> -

Do you really think it is worth of it? These are just simple shell scripts...
gnvcal.c is generated by flex.

> Further, the variable 'xmandir' in the build system was being set to the
> XGNOKIIDIR root plus /man/man1, which made it impossible to set it
> manually like the normal non-X man path (via --mandir or equivalent).
> I made a small patch to remove this setting and use the normal manpath
> for everything, which is attached. My question is: was there a reason
> for a separate xmandir? or was it just leftover?

I remember the times when x-program manual pages were installed in the
other directory (/usr/X11R6/man vs /usr/share/man) than console ones.
It comes from these times. I will look over various distros and
programs how do they do it these days.

> Also, it there a reason for the internal gettext and getopt implementations?

For the systems that do not support it.

> Finally: I think there's a stray COPYING file being installed inside the
> english xgnokii help (to usr/share/xgnokii/help/en_US/COPYING).

xgnokii help is really old and not updated for few years. I don't
think anybody cares...

take care,
Pawel Kot

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