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Nokia 3310 MBUS(2) problem

From: Pieter Pabst
Subject: Nokia 3310 MBUS(2) problem
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2007 19:53:59 +0100



I have an Nokia 3310 connected to my PC. I’ve installed gnokii 0.6.21 windows build (Visual Studio 2005 build).

Somehow my phone only communicates over MBUS, although the cable supports both FBUS and MBUS (using a switch).

I know the connection is OK because Logomanager (I’m sure you know that program) works fine using MBUS communication.


Now I’ve set :

model = 3310

connection = m2bus


And I try to get hard and sortware version using gnokii. The package I captured that gnokii sends is:

1F 00 1D 40 00 04 00 01 64 01 08 2A

My phone does not response to this package.

The correct package for h&s version is (captured from logomanager):

1F 00 1D 1D D0 00 01 04 02 D5

The phone sends firmware version and model information (firmware is 04.35)


Why are the packages not identical? Is gnokii sending FBUS bases MBUS packages or something like that?

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