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Re: gnokii --identify -> SM_Block: exiting the retry loop

From: Paul Brian
Subject: Re: gnokii --identify -> SM_Block: exiting the retry loop
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 10:04:35 +0100
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Daniele Forsi wrote:
address@hidden wrote:

SM_Block: exiting the retry loop
IMEI         : Unknown
Manufacturer : Nokia
Model        : Unknown
Product name : Unknown
Revision     : Unknown
Serial device: closing device

what version of gnokii are you using?
recent versions would print a timeout error instead of "Unknown" (0.6.17 is out, it has some bug fixes but I don't think it will increase your chances of success)

Thank you for your reply - I was away this weekend so not monitoring.

Version: I will get you an answer tonight, along with your other comments, as the phone is 50 miles away now. However I can confirm AT config fails too.

If all I want to do is send / recv SMS messages, is there an alternative approach the list can recommend.

What I was hoping the list might provide is an FAQ on the basics of the communication with the phone - I usually have some idea of what is supposed to happen making debugging easier - but for this I am totally blind - is there a "USB/serial comms and AT for dummies" book?

Thanks in advance

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