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Re: [Opensync-users] [PATCH] Limit phonebook to 1000 entries (as on 6131

From: Jari Turkia
Subject: Re: [Opensync-users] [PATCH] Limit phonebook to 1000 entries (as on 6131)
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2007 14:05:53 +0300
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Pawel Kot wrote:
+       if (location > 1000)
+               return GN_ERR_INVALIDLOCATION;
Is it really that important? The phone will return an error anyway and
we may limit functionality of some phones.

If this would be an exit poll, I'd have to agree with Pawel. That will fail on phone anyway, but may limit future functionality. Perhaps Keith has a rock solid explanation why that is important and needed?

Jari Turkia

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