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Re: Call notification patches for AT driver

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: Call notification patches for AT driver
Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2007 18:24:52 +0200
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Bastien Nocera wrote in gnokii-call-notifications-3.patch:

> +       if (strncmp(buf.line1, "AT+CPAS: ", 6)) {
> +               return GN_ERR_UNKNOWN;
> +       }
(it's in file atgen.c at line 2154)

that seems wrong since strlen("AT+CPAS: ") != 6 and the ": " part can never be 
there, I think it should be
if (strncmp(buf.line1, "AT+CPAS", 7)) {

WRT to AT+CPAS, since Nokia 8310 doesn't support it, I checked "ETSI TS 100 
916 V7.8.0 (2003-03)", I hope it's the latest one, and found that 
implementation of AT+CPAS is mandatory when AT+CMEC is implemented (subclause 
8.1) which in turn is mandatory when "any of keypad, display or indicator 
commands is implemented" (subclause 8.6).
How do you interpret that? I think that since GSM modems don't have a keypad 
or a display they need not implement the commands for them, so we must think 
about a workaround for when AT+CPAS is not present. Any ideas?

Supporting the 8310 in AT mode is not important since it can be used in FBUS 
mode, however it can be useful for tests because it does support +CLIP


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