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Re: SMS notifications for the AT driver

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: SMS notifications for the AT driver
Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2007 12:22:27 +0200

On 7/8/07, Bastien Nocera <address@hidden> wrote:
On Sun, 2007-07-08 at 02:28 +0200, Pawel Kot wrote:
> Hi,
> On 7/7/07, Bastien Nocera <address@hidden> wrote:
> > > +CMTI: "ME",172
> > >
> > > +CMTI: "ME",175
> > >
> > > +CMTI: "ME",172
> >
> > I still have a problem in that the gn_sms_get() gets the wrong message
> > from the phone. Any ideas?
> There's another problem. atbus driver is not ready for unsolicited
> messages which handling involves sending and receiving data. Handler
> function is called before rewinding atbus message buffer. I don't
> fully understand atbus_rx_statemachine() code so haven't done any
> changes yet. All sm_incoming_function() should be at the end of the
> function, but there's probably some side effect of that. Will take a
> closer look tomorrow. Any volunteers for that are welcome. Attached
> updates Bastien's patch for further testing.

How about postponing the call of the notification to the next
gn_sm_loop() call?

Makes sense but how would you want to do it?

The atbus driver (which is used by the AT generic, and other AT drivers)
is the only one to have such a problem. We could push the event onto a
list in atbus_rx_statemachine(), and pop it in atbus_loop().

List of what?

If we do it at the beginning of the atbus_loop, we probably wouldn't
waste any time getting notifications.

Sorry if the questions are too trivial but I just woke up.

take care,
Pawel Kot

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