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gnokii-0.6.16 with Nokia 6233

From: Martin Schwenke
Subject: gnokii-0.6.16 with Nokia 6233
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2007 15:54:52 +1000

I'm attempting to use gnokii-0.6.16 with a Nokia 6233 via Bluetooth.

Although I notice that the ChangeLog for 0.6.15 says:

    o add support for Nokia 6233                        (Pawel Kot)

when I put:

  model = 6233

in my ~/.gnokiirc, xgnokii tells me that the model is unsupported and

So, I make this obvious change and I can talk to the phone:

--------8<---------8<-------- CUT HERE --------8<---------8<--------
diff -r -u gnokii-0.6.16.unpatched/common/phones/nk6510.c 
--- gnokii-0.6.16.unpatched/common/phones/nk6510.c      2007-05-11 
04:50:15.000000000 +1000
+++ gnokii-0.6.16/common/phones/nk6510.c        2007-05-29 19:46:08.000000000 
@@ -230,7 +230,7 @@
        /* Mobile phone information */
 /* Supported models */
 /* Supported models */
                7,                     /* Max RF Level */
                0,                     /* Min RF Level */
                GN_RF_Percentage,      /* RF level units */
--------8<---------8<-------- CUT HERE --------8<---------8<--------

I then attempt to upload a contacts list containing both ME and SM
entries (I normally have ME enabled in my phone, but I like the SM
entries in case I need to swap phones in a hurry).

With xgnokii the SM entries load very slowly - 87 entries take
approximately 10 minutes.  I have no workaround for this...  except to
be patient...  :-)


  gnokii --writephonebook -o < tmp/

(where contains only the SM entries) every 2nd entry fails
to be added:

  Write Succeeded: memory type: SIM card, loc: 10, name: Dave work, number: 
  Write FAILED (The current frame isn't handled by the incoming function.): 
memory type: SIM card, loc: 11, name: Dave home, number: +1234567899

With xgnokii the ME entries all seem to fail with an error like:

  Event 3 failed with return code 24!
  xgnokii_contacts.c: line 2351: Can't write ME memory entry number 1! Error: 24
Hmmm... that may only be if there are no ME items.  I'm pretty sure I
get that error for only some entries if there are actually ME items in
the file!  I can retry if it is important...

However, with 

  gnokii --writephonebook -o < tmp/

many ME entries are added properly but some fail with an error like:

  Write FAILED (Data format is not valid.): memory type: Internal memory, loc: 
21, name: Dave, number: +1234567890

However, it is always the entries that have a postal address subentry
that fail.  If I change the tag from 9 (postal address) to 10 (note)
then all my ME entries are added nicely in a few seconds.

I've tried messing with these subentry types:

        GN_PHONEBOOK_ENTRY_Street          = 0x4c,
        GN_PHONEBOOK_ENTRY_City            = 0x4d,
        GN_PHONEBOOK_ENTRY_StateProvince   = 0x4e,
        GN_PHONEBOOK_ENTRY_ZipCode         = 0x4f,
        GN_PHONEBOOK_ENTRY_Country         = 0x50,

My experiments show that I can add an entry with either a
State/Province subentry or a Zip Code subentry.  If I try to add an
entry with both of these subentries then it fails with a "Data format
is not valid" message.

Any ideas?  I'm happy to try things...  :-)

peace & happiness,

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