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Re: Nokia 6060 drops connection after short inactivity

From: j
Subject: Re: Nokia 6060 drops connection after short inactivity
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 19:21:25 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi again and thanks for your fast replies.

Pawel Kot <gnokii <at>> writes:

> > First you need to realize, that it is very possible that the reason for
> > timeout is in the the phone firmware, not Gnokii code. This has been
> > discussed on this mailing list before.
> Well, I'd say it's a feature not a bug. If you stop sending frames the
> remote end closes the connection.
> > The solution for this problem depends on the opensync implementation.
> > Gnokii only provides the means of transportation, it's up to you to
> > steer properly.
In my view it's the transportation that fails. And it's gnokii that is 
developed around the quirks of the phones and not the other way around, isn't 
> That's true. I think also that it is the application who should keep
> the connection being up.
I can't follow you here.

Solution 1:
Reseting the connection upon timeout in the main retry loop within libgnokii 
would take a few lines of code and solve the problem in a clean way for all 
applications that make use of libgnokii.

In order to fix it within the calling application, I can only think of two 
solutions, both are ugly workarounds:

2. Writing a wrapper around each call to libgnokii that detects timeouts and 
resets the connection (in opensync there are quite a few calls all over the 
place -- most other nontrivial applications are probably the same.)

3. Having a thread in the background that sends a dummy frame to the phone 
every few seconds.

Please let me know why you think that solution 1 is not a good idea, or how it 
could be fixed easily within the applicaiton.

BTW: I tried to time the timeout as suggested with "gnokii --monitor <n>".
It works upto 4 seconds and fails reproducably above 5. 

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