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Re: Nokia 6060 drops connection after short inactivity

From: Jari Turkia
Subject: Re: Nokia 6060 drops connection after short inactivity
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 13:37:56 +0200
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j wrote:
* than figures out which entries should be synchronized (which seems to take too lang for my phone, so it drops the connection),
First you need to realize, that it is very possible that the reason for timeout is in the the phone firmware, not Gnokii code. This has been discussed on this mailing list before.

The same can be reproduced with "gnokii --monitor". If I interrupt this for a few seconds (e.g. with CTRL-Z) it resumes working. After an interruption of maybe 30 seconds it failes to resume. Similarly xgnokii doesn't work, as it takes too long to open the menu.
Can you reproduce the problem with a suitable large value of monitor delay? Example:
run gnokii --monitor 30
Does the phone time out? If not, double the delay value. If yes, can you continue iterations and find an exact delay where the timeout occurs?

If such an exact breaking point can be found, the problem lies in the phone for sure.

Is there a simple way to fix this? Would it be reasonable to modify the retry loop, so it resets the connection upon timeout?
There was an another case regarding timeout in smsd, it was discussed earlier. For example I had a case of a phone losing connection after hours of inactivity. Another Nokia model did not suffer from that problem. Anyway, I solved the problem by improving the application code to handle timeouts properly, the fault was clearly not in Gnokii libraries.

The solution for this problem depends on the opensync implementation. Gnokii only provides the means of transportation, it's up to you to steer properly.

Jari Turkia

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