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Re: Connecting Nokia 5100 via IRDA

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: Connecting Nokia 5100 via IRDA
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 10:15:23 +0100


Thanks for the tests!

On 10/24/06, Romain Chantereau <address@hidden> wrote:
About the phone call, I do not understand, but it works more than
twice ! There is a little "bug", the call time is not good : always
display 00:00, even after setting up the phone clock. The debug log is
titled "call.log". I was not able to find where the phone number is ;-)

What about testing it with gnokii CLI interface?

About the option saving, it is when I go to "options" dialog box (via
the tools icon), and I do "save". The referring log is titled

But I think it has nothing to do with the phone communication. Was
there any problem with that?

take care,
Pawel Kot

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