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Re: SMSD 24/7 application

From: Martin White
Subject: Re: SMSD 24/7 application
Date: Tue, 9 May 2006 19:28:53 +0100

Hi All,

   I am putting together a system that both sends and receives texts
on a 24/7 basis. would smsd be a suitable platform for this or are
there any known problems with longterm stability etc...

SMSD has been running here for probably over a year (I lose track on how long exactly). Not had any problems so far.

   Also another thing I am worried about is how a phone stands up
to being plugged in on a long term basis, has anybody had any
experiences of phones giving up after being plugged in for a number

Had a Nokia 3510i plugged in and switched on 24x7 for over a year as well. No issues so far.

of weeks/months... If this is the case would I be better opting for a
gsm modem? and if so does smsd support these?

   My system would only be sending and receiving at most 10 to
20 texts per day so I don't see load being a problem but it does need
to be always on.

My system probably sends between 20 and 100 texts a day, so SMSD should be able to handle your anticipated throughput without issue.

Any input appreciated,

Many Thanks,


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