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problem with nokia 3220

From: Santiago Roza
Subject: problem with nokia 3220
Date: Tue, 2 May 2006 22:35:11 -0300

i can't get gnokii to even detect my phone model.  i have a nokia 3220
connected through a pl2303-compatible dku5 cable (which lsusb sees
perfectly), and i'm using ubuntu breezy (5.10).

i first tried with the version of gnokii in the ubuntu repositories,
but nothing happened.  then i manually installed the 0.6.12 deb, and i
got some output... but things still don't work (i'm copying the gnokii
--monitor output below).

i will appreciate any kind of support, and please don't forget to cc
me, since i'm not suscribed to this list yet.  greetings and thanks a

Santiago Roza

address@hidden:/$ gnokii --monitor

GNOKII Version 0.6.12
LOG: debug mask is 0x1
Lockfile /var/lock/LCK.. is stale. Overriding it..
phone instance config:
model: 6510
port_device: /dev/ttyS0
connection_type: 0
init_length: 0
serial_baudrate: 19200
serial_write_usleep: -1
hardware_handshake: 0
require_dcd: 0
smsc_timeout: 100
rfcomm_cn: 1
sm_retry: off
Serial device: opening device /dev/ttyS0
Serial device: setting speed to 115200
Serial device: setting RTS to low and DTR to low
Getting model...
Message sent: 0x1b / 0x0006
00 01 00 07 01 00                               |
SM_Block: exiting the retry loop
Message sent: 0x1b / 0x0006
00 01 00 07 01 00                               |

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