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Keep on IrDA

From: Angelo Chu
Subject: Keep on IrDA
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 14:02:55 +0800

Dear all,
How can I keep my Nokia 8210 IrDA up permanently?
I have researched my mobile phone's specification and decided to use IrDA to connect with my USB IrDA dongle because there is no cable existed or I can't even buy it in the market nowadays.Moreover,my mobile phone's IrDA will shutdown by itself if there are no data transfer within 2 minutes.As a result,I wrote a shell script to keep sending request for informaiton about my mobile phone:
while [ persist_connect=1 ]
  gnokii --getnetworkinfo
  sleep 30
However,this script is effective only for a while (I think 10 minutes or so) and generate error like telephone interface init failed....What's the problem?Is that software problem or anything?I just can't figure out.
Any help would be appreciated. :-) 

Best regards,

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