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Re: 'one liner' to send sms?

From: Ernest B M (gmail)
Subject: Re: 'one liner' to send sms?
Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2006 16:27:34 +0200
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Gian Uberto Lauri wrote the following on 04/05/2006 03:33 PM:
"EBM" == Ernest B M (gmail) <address@hidden> writes:

EBM> yes. i see it is the following sequence:

EBM> gnokii --sendsms <number> EBM> ... EBM> ... EBM> message EBM> Ctrl+D

EBM> what i am trying to achieve is specifying the number and message
EBM> on the same command, and hitting enter to send the sms

This is an issue regardin the shell, not gnokii, maybe man bash should
have helped you :).

As your example suggest, and this one echo "Message" | gnokii --sendsms <number>
confirms, the text  to be sent as SMS is readed  from stdin (yes, this
solves your problem AFAIK).

All you need is  to do is play around with pipes  or here documents or
even here strings  (with bash, see the man page of  the shell you use)
as you feel it suites more to your taste.



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