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problems with gnapplet

From: Gian Uberto Lauri
Subject: problems with gnapplet
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 13:00:59 +0100

I hope this is an appropriate place for this subject, else don't
overdo with napalm, please :)

I  downloaded  gnapplet.sis,  transferred  it via  memory  card.   The
installation seems  to go fine but  the program doesn't  appear in the
menu and there's no gnapplet.ini. How can I solve this ?

Thanks in advance!

 /\            ___
/___/\__|_|\_|__|___Gian Uberto Lauri_____________________
  //--\ | | \|  |   Integralista GNUslamico  
\/                  e allevatore di bug

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