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Re: nokia 6230i missing functionality

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: nokia 6230i missing functionality
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 22:53:44 +0200

Hi Stuart,

2005/10/16, Stuart <address@hidden>:
> "gnokii --gettodo 1 end" never finds any notes (my phone contains 4).

This it to be examined.

> Calendar entries in the Nokia 6230i contain "Subject", "Location",
> "Start date", "Start time", "End date", "End time", "alarm type" and
> alarm time fields. The "Location" and "End date" and "End time" fields
> are not retrieved by "--getcalendarnote 1 end -v".  What is required to
> add these fields?  It would also be great to be able to add these fields
> using xgnokii.

Yup. I'm going to work on this on the sequent gnokii release (the next
one is to be released in next few days -- it will mainly contain file
reading changes) -- which I plan to be bugfix release -- try to fix
all known bugs :-)

> The Nokia 6230i has "notes". gnokii does not appear have an option to
> retrieve this information.

Is it something else then todo?

> There appear to be various other string overruns because the 6230i
> allows long fields. gnokii --getcalendarnote generates bad output if the
> summary contains more than 20 characters (all the characters after the
> 20th are replaced by a randomly long line of junk).

Thanks. That should be easy to fix.

> My pet bug: why are the spaces removed from the postal address and the
> notes whenever I type them in using xgnokii?  I have to use the phone to
> put them back!

Not sure about that. Is it just xgnokii or gnokii CLI as well?

> There is an error in the gnokii man page.  It says "--setdatetime [YYY
> [MM [DD [HH [MM]]]]]".  The is a missing "Y".  You could perhaps add
> that --setdatetime without an argument sets the phone to the current time.

Thanks for spotting. Yeah, sysdate feature would be nice and fairly
easy to implement. Anyone to submit a patch? ;-)

> Another small problem: why does "gnokii --getphonebook SM 1 end --raw"
> have to write out "Empty memory location. Skipping." so many times? I
> know that there are empty locations and I don't care.
> "--getcalendarnote" also writes out "The calendar note can not be read:
> The given location is empty." which isn't very interesting.

Yes. But IMHO it is important to have this in the output. If you don't
want to see any warnings use:
$ gnokii --whatever [options] 2>/dev/null

> xgnokii allows the "caller_group_number" of each phone book entry to be
> stored in the phone.  Does anyone know how to access this information
> using a Nokia 6230i?

This is a caller group -- you can assing to an entry group Family, Friends, etc.

take care,
PS. Sorry I didn't respond some mails recently -- I was away for a
couple of days and then quite busy -- should answer them this week.
Pawel Kot

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